The Single Best Strategy To Use For 硬碟資料救援

Not obtaining the appropriate Software would make the job Significantly more durable which is why Disk Drill has all the things you'll need for complete absolutely free file Restoration.

To Get better misplaced images or documents from electronic camera or harddisk, run the PhotoRec command. Filesystems

You should have a lot of questions on challenging disk information Restoration and below on this web page, we are going to checklist some leading thoughts which could have concerned you for many years in the next paragraphs.

Applying Sensible engineering, DiskWarrior can instantly check and provide you with a warning to impending push malfunctions.

The Toshiba MG03 SATA drives can be a phase up through the past technology since they now present nearly 4TB of potential and SATA 6Gb/s interface and some other updates. Toshiba's effectiveness rankings also place the drives at quickens to eighteen% speedier for sustained transfer fees while even now cutting down General electrical power use up to 15%.

These strong optional characteristics might be enabled or disabled at your very own discretion, Disk Drill is a versatile and strong cost-free obtain.

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HDD Regenerator Crack 2011 detects the root cause of the error of difficult disks. Typically the scanners scan based on the file program. But scaaning engineering of HDD Regenerator Crack with Serial Quantity functions independent of the sort of file method current. It's got inculded no complex and avoidable options to avoid confusion for The brand new users.

I had hundreds Discover More of images stored on an exterior harddrive that crashed before I could back again it up. It would have been a catastrophe but this program recovered about ninety eight% of them. Enormous relief. If you employ it please Be sure to go away them a donation. They earned it.


As Together with the sibling SAS drives, the SATA drives present you with a big leap in ability to 4TB from 2TB together with as many as eighteen% quicker sustained transfer charges and electricity use reduced considerably by up to 15%. Rounding out the enhancements, this new era of SATA drives now interface around 6Gb/s SATA instead of 3Gb/s.

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